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Freelance Front end web developer

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My name is Enes Kirimi and I'm a freelance front end web developer based in Amsterdam,Netherlands. I like dabbling with new web technologies and approach problems from the standpoints of different disciplines. Efficiency is my obsession.

I've been working on websites and SPA's for the last 5 years, mainly on the front end. I've built many applications with HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Javascript (ES2015/ES2016/ES2017), Typescript, React 17, Angular, NodeJS, Webpack, Git, Markdown and NGINX.

Javascript (ES2015/ES2016/ES2017)
React 16
Angular 7
Webpack 4
Git image/svg+xml

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Streamabledl.com & vimeod.com

A dynamic web application that allows quick downloads from streamable.com. What's unique about this website compared to other similar websites is it allows you to quickly go to a download page by changing the original video url.

A reskinned version that shares the same codebase is vimeod.com. It has the same bade features as streamable.com, but it is for vimeo.com.

Made with React 17 (with Hooks), Node.js (back end), Docker and Typescript. Uses various AWS products.


New York Times - Top News App (v1.0)

A web app that displays the current and up-to-date top news from New York Times newspaper.

Made with React 16 (with Hooks) and Typescript.


Weather App

A web app that displays up-to-date weather data based on a string entry or geolocation. It uses a public RESTful api.

Made with vanilla Javascript.


Healthy choices website

Transition-heavy website about healthy food choices.

It uses Flexbox for layout. All javascript code is vanilla Javascript.


Mock pages

Two old webpages I've made to experiment with some technologies like video backgrounds, geolocation, cookies and some JS.


Various Philips projects

These are projects I've completed at Philips Digital Services. They involve websites, webpages, web apps, mass website migrations that involve 20,000+ pages, new country creations that involve more than 157,000+ pages etc.

See more details on my CV or please contact me for more information.

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