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Jul 18, 2018
2 min read

Quick flexbox primer

Foundational knowledge for Flexbox

Flexbox has been around for quite some time. I’ve used Flexbox myself and it greatly helps on positioning and resizing elements in the document. It greatly reduces the amount of code you need to write to get the same result compared to the usual way of floating elements.

Flexbox main and cross axis image

Here are some useful links and videos if you’d like to learn more about flexbox.

  • CSS Tricks Flexbox Guide – A great guide where you can start your journey with Flexbox or use as a reference guide if you quickly want to check some detail.
  • What the Flexbox – A free video series where a freelance developer named Wes Bos walks you through flexbox with clear examples you can replicate.
  • Flexbox defense – A flexbox tower defense game where you place your towers using Flexbox. Good for practice.
  • Flexbox Froggy – An another flexbox oriented edu-game where you can practice your skills.