• Jul 2021 - Now
    Senior Full Stack Engineer [Contract]

    A wide-ranging role where I have not only worked on the full stack, but owned and been responsible from parts of it as well.

    • Created dozens of reusable React components, templates and pages as part of customer journeys.
    • Owned browsing and content-based visitor experience for new website. I had a large stake in the technical parts of the content-based website user flow.
    • Developed an end-to end image optimization solution that reduced all image sizes used on website up to %95 while keeping image quality the same.
    • Pushed forward initiatives for technical improvements across teams. Owned company-wide improvements to the codebase.

    Selected list of used technologies: React.js, Next.js, AEM (Cloud), Typescript, Javascript, GraphQL, HTML5, CSS3, Jest, React testing Library, Cypress, Nx, AWS, Gitlab CI (limited)

  • Mar 2021 - Jul 2021
    ERIKS Digital
    AEM Front End Engineer [Contract]

    This contract had a particular focus on website optimization and performance.

    • Developed multiple small applications in React, contributed to internal component libraries and fixed various structural bugs.
    • Spearheaded on improving and optimizing performance and accessibility ratings of thousands of webpages to prepare them for the Google June 2021 page ranking Core Web Vitals updates.
    • Reduced TBT (Total Blocked Time) value of the Dutch ERIKS Digital homepage by over %95, thereby increasing its page ranking compared to competitors and its conversion rate.

    Selected list of used technologies: React.js, AEM 6.5, Typescript, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Jest, Testing Library, Java (limited), Redux (limited), Webpack, Gulp (limited)

  • Jan 2021 - Apr 2021
    Weborama Nederland
    Senior Front End Developer [Contract]
    • Consulted for Weborama Nederland on a flexible basis.
    • My main focus was taking high-level features and concepts, refining it and developing it for Previewer II web application and providing guidance for other developers.

    Selected list of used technologies: React.js, Node.js, Express, MariaDB, Flux, Redux, Javascript, Typescript, Jest, React testing library, Webpack, AWS, Docker

  • Feb 2020 - Jan 2021
    Weborama Nederland
    Senior Front End Developer
    • Developed dozens of new features, fixed a lot of existing bugs and reduced technical debt by architectural changes and a strong and modern linting approach for Previewer II web application. Delivered a v1 release as of May 2020.
    • As part of an architectural refactoring, I increased the speed of a core functionality (Preview page creation) at Previewer II by 40% to 85% (depending on different factors) via memoization of various data.
    • Improved the server infrastructure of Weborama Nederland. Created and documented processes regarding server architecture of products.

    Selected list of used technologies: React.js, Node.js, Next.js, Express, MariaDB, Flux, Redux, Javascript, Typescript, Jest, Enzyme, Material UI, Semantic UI, Webpack, AWS, Docker

  • Mar 2019 - Feb 2020
    Weborama Nederland
    Front End Developer
    • In this role, I’ve worked with three React and Node.js applications (Admire II, Previewer II and Adstudio) and two in-house developed (and published) React-based component libraries.
    • Took over Admire II SPA, modernized and architecturally refactored it, fixed longstanding bugs (some 3 years old), developed new features and released it as a v1 in 2019.
    • Reduced the final bundle size of Admire II application by 20% with no loss in functionality by recreating the Webpack configuration file. This resulted in faster load times and a leaner application.
    • Introduced unit tests with Jest and Enzyme to the Admire II codebase to enable test driven development and solidify our confidence in the application state.

    Selected list of used technologies: React.js, Node.js, Express, MariaDB, Flux, Redux, Javascript, Typescript, Jest, Enzyme, Material UI, Semantic UI, Webpack, AWS, Docker

  • Feb 2018 - Mar 2019
    Front End Developer
    • Did everything from designing the UI to developing all kinds of RESTful API calls & error handling to building forms to writing unit tests to generating dynamically created pages with custom content.
    • Done minor Java development on the server side concerning search & filtering, SQL queries etc.
    • During an innovation week, developed a front-end memoization solution that saved 708GB of data from needlessly requested from the server (per 100,000 users every month).

    Selected list of used technologies: Angular 6, Typescript, RxJS, Java, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, Jasmine, Karma, Bootstrap

  • Mar 2016 - Dec 2017
    Philips [Hired]
    AEM Subject Matter Expert
    • Please note that this role involved front end development as well!
    • Go-to person for large projects involving AEM & Front end related problems.
    • In 2017, developed a React.js SPA for Philips Healthcare as an MVP.
    • Delivered a large projects such as reorganizing the B2C websites landscape and creation and deployment of 15 new country websites, totaling more than 157,000+ webpages. I was the technical lead for these projects/programs.
    • I’ve been involved in numerous website reviews that brought up the quality for “Personal care”, “Automotive” and “Household products” business groups, increasing the quality and responsiveness of the webpages and their overall conversion rate.

    Selected list of used technologies: AEM 6.1, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React.js, Photoshop, Python 3, Scene7

  • Sept 2014 - Mar 2016
    Philips [Hired]
    AEM Service Expert
    • Created dozens of websites, webpages and apps for Philips B2C&B2B sectors and Philips Lighting using AEM. I have been involved with new page creation for lots of web campaigns at this role, it was my main function.
    • Solved a mass page-migration problem by automating part of the migration, saving 876 hours of human effort and 35000€+ project budget during Philips country rollouts.
    • Re-created and documented an entire country creation process within Philips IT and Philips Digital Services. Previously, Philips did not have the capacity to create new country websites due to loss of internal knowledge and interconnected nature of the task.

    Selected list of used technologies: AEM/CQ 5.6 – 6.1, HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Scene7